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2020July 21, 2010 : Do you know...

I'm found out.
I'm found out.
People who know know...
That I'm saboting the blog.
Because I can't help it. Because the time of opening of the shop was not decided easily.

In our shop, we take measures against coronas in this way, and this is how it comes to be! And, it is different from the shop which can speak a lot of Australian with confidence, and the idea is put out and spun while getting advice from the customer, and business is resumed calmly.

Check the heat with a non-contact thermometer, hands and fingers of course with enough alcohol to return, disinfect here and there, the entrance door is also half-open. In addition, it is buzzing to put two Giaino.
There are other secrets.
I personally like this too much and don't want to tell anyone about it, so I'll tell you this. I would appreciate it if you could come and see it.(*Be 艸 ' *)

Like I said, I don't like invisible things or I'm not good at them. I was not really able to deal with corona and corona measures because I was not good at how to deal with how I felt.
In addition to confronting the invisible corona, the invisible air is cleaned, except for invisible bacteria in an ins colored liquid.
However, since they lead to your safety and security, we will continue to do everything we can in the future.
(What I did... I'm ashamed to say only the most natural things...)

Adherence is still likely to be a long way off, but I hope that you will come to Chitose every night with peace of mind. I spend every day dreaming of close contact.

Chitose Lounge Club Casablanca, Hamamatsu City, is looking for hostesses! Please feel free to contact us.(^o^)
2020年4月23日 : 4/25-5/6 Closure
Ladies and gentlemen...
Where and how do you spend your time?
The situation changes every day, but the other day, Hamamatsu City also requested a holiday.
4/25It is that please take a rest to 5/6.
I've already had a day off, but I'll tell you again.

I'm always messing around with something, so it's about time like this.
I'm going to spend the GW leisurely.
Ladies and gentlemen, please stop the movement.(^-^)
2020April 18, 2016 : I'm lonely, I'm lonely.

It is an update after a long time.
It's been a while. I mean, because you...(;That's it.)Have you ever encountered such a virus?⁈
It is not a figure-thick hostess who can call it irresponsibly witha face which does not make it to the tremor to such an unprecedented event, and to come and to call it irresponsibly.
And, my mentality was weak so that even the blog cannot be updated.
Writing when you are generally weak, because it is a mountain of weak or bad things.
Little by little, I'm thinking of opening my mouth.

Casablanca, it's been a while.

I didn't even realize that the cherry blossoms were blooming.
You can send a photograph to the customer, tell me a good cherry blossom point, and be able to change it to me a little ^ ^
Thank you very much.

Chitose Hamamatsu Lounge Club Casablanca is looking for hostesses and waitresses! Please feel free to contact us.(^o^)

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3Pax 36000 yen (tax and service included) / 2-hour session
4Pax added more than per every 12000 yen (tax and service embedded) of extra.
* Group rates are negotiable. Please feel free to consult us.

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ラウンジクラブ・カサブランカWelcome to the only
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As a dialogue and we are in the central city of Hamamatsu, Chitose to entertain important places, and enjoy relaxing and, thanks to many of our customers we have gotten support.
Especially offers entertainment, local city Hamamatsu, of course, travelers will have access to long nominated your we are.
If you take a look at who came to Hamamatsuラウンジクラブ・カサブランカTo please.
ラウンジクラブ・カサブランカWe thank you sincerely.

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